Sunday, February 13, 2011

CCC #31 - Rusted Enamel Art P. 41

Hi Everyone,

What a month January was!  The first week was good but after that down hill I'm afraid.  We all had the after another along with migraines, colds and congestion. Everyone BUT my youngest daughter who has thankfully missed it all.  Don't ask me how.  Anyway that is all behind us now and after some very busy times at work I was able to create again.  I am SO behind!  Here is my tag #31.  I really liked this technique.  I actually did it three times. The first time with the stamping on top of the technique..this one turned out really grungy.  The 2nd time I decided to do it under the technique.  It turned out good but I really was not happy with the lack of rust.  So...I decided to try again with the stamping underneath and this time I was very happy with the results.  Here are all three.  Let me know what you think.



Happy Creating,


  1. You did a fabulous job on this technique, Shirley-- all three times! I agree-- #3 is just exquisite, but really, they're all great! I love the colors and the bold text, and the little metal screws are a fabulous touch.

    I'm so sorry your January was such a rough one, and I hope February is making up for it!

  2. These are all just perfect. What a great saying. Love how you embellished each of them just a little differently.

  3. Hi Shirley, I agree with you, I like the first picture the best. I also had trouble stamping on this fabulous background technique, but of course did not think of stamping first. Duh, me.
    All the tags are beautiful.