Sunday, November 21, 2010

CCC Tag Book

Hello Everyone,

Today I made a book for the first 22 tags from the CCC challenges.  I did put a closer on it but as you can see it does not work to well since the book is  so fat.  I will have to figure out some other way. Right now it is the rubber-band.  Anyone have any suggestions for me?

Happy Creating,


  1. Shirley, I love your tags and your book is scrumptious!!! In my experience it's the rings you're using that's making it too fat to use the closure. If you used D rings instead of the O rings I think you might have better luck using the closure you made for it. You need to have a more open spine so the pages will close better. Other than that, I'd say take some pages out and make another book!
    Sorry I can't be more helpful!
    Mary-Beth - ATT

  2. Love it. I think Mary Beth's suggestion is right on. I'd try the "D" ring.

  3. This is just great Shirley. Would love to get to see it in person sometime............

  4. I like what you did.... just excellent. perhaps some spacers in between the tags....might even out the width of each end to more even

  5. Your book looks great! I love the way you added one of tim's knobs to the front of it. I wonder if you can use a ponytail holder? Maybe you could loop it through the back cover (kind of like you'd loop ribbon through the hole in a tag, but don't cut the ponytail holder) and then pull it around the knob on the front of your book. Any way you do it will look awesome, I'm sure!

  6. 7 gypsies has really big decorative rubber bands.